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Religious worker - Temple Musician/Nathaswaram Musician
Job details - Job Id - 14853503 & 14853494

Posting date:       10 July 2024
Salary:               National Minimum Wage
Hours:                Full time
Closing date:      09 Aug 2024
Location:             L32 8TN
Company:           Liverpool Ganesh Trust
Job type:             Permanent
Job reference:       RWNM1/July24 & RWNM2/July24

Job Description:

Nathaswaram Musician

Liverpool Ganesh Temple is looking to recruit Nathaswaram Musician who must have relevant experience to play Nathaswaram at the temple for religious services, ceremonies and rituals. 

Play Nathaswaram music during daily deity worship, (i.e.) Archana, Homam and Aarthi, special deity celebrations, Special ceremonies like Chariot Festivals, Skanda Shasti, Navarathri, Diwali, Annual festivals, weddings, Valaikappu, Poonul Sadangu and special festivals throughout the year. 

They should be able to assist in all religious activities of the temple.

Applicants must have experience in working in temple environment and must be available to play Nathaswaram music when needed. 

Applicant must be able to effectively fulfill the Hindu temple community worship service needs.

       Apply by Email:

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