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Head Priest - Minister of Religion
Job details - Job Id - 14853356

Posting date:       10 July 2024
Salary:               National Minimum Wage
Hours:                Full time
Closing date:      09 Aug 2024
Location:             L32 8TN
Company:           Liverpool Ganesh Trust
Job type:             Permanent
Job reference:       RWMoR/July24

Job Description:

The Minister of Religion come from traditional South India/Sri Lankan Priestly order. The candidate must have undergone training under a reputable Saiva Hindu Organization or a structured course of studies under a recognized Religious Priest.

Job Description:

  1. Conduct Hindu Temple rituals such as Abishekam, Homam, Alangaram to all deities 

  2. Conduct Marriage, Homam and other Hindu family Religious events

  3. Arrange, organise and perform daily, weekly and special poojas according to Hindu religious beliefs and practice

  4. Conduct special poojas like Annual festivals, Diwali, Navarathri, Vinayagar Kathai, New year and other religious functions

  5. Able to work independently

  6. Support Activities as and when required at all religious duties within the organisation.

  7. Overseeing the care and maintenance of the temple sanctum and temple hall

  8. Support Temple members during School visits to the temple and visit schools to support religious education

  9. Proven experience in making flower garlands, decorating the deities and preparing Holy foods for rituals offerings.

  10. Performing any other role that may be assigned by the Members and the Administration.

  11. Supporting the temple projects.

  12. We also desire to work with someone who has great communication skills

  13. The experience of working in international communities will be added advantage.

  14. Other useful skills include computer knowledge.


Apply by Email:

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