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Support Liverpool Ganesh Temple with your donation. Every contribution counts, no matter how small.


   9 AM to 9 PM


Weekends and public holidays

   9 AM to 9 PM


Contact Us



   01515467611, 07534444468,          07812013198



Charity reg no: 1147647

Gurukkal Service:

Looking for traditional Gurukkal services? Look no further. Liverpool Ganesh Temple offers a comprehensive range of services including rituals for house warming ceremonies, marriages, Valaikappu, baby naming, Annaprasannam, Vidhyarampam, Sathya Narayana Pooja and Homam - Ganapathy homam,Lakshmi Homam, Navagragha Homam, Sutharsana Homam etc . Our Gurukkal has years of experience and conducts the rituals with the utmost sincerity.

~~ மேன்மைகொள் சைவநீதி விளங்குக உலகமெல்லாம்||

விநாயகனே வெல்வினையை வேர் அறுக்க வல்லான்

விநாயகனே வேட்கை தணிவிப்பான்

விநாயகனே விண்ணிற்கும் மண்ணிற்கும் நாதனுமாம்
தன்மையினால் கண்ணில் பணிமின் கணிந்து!

Liverpool Ganesh Temple was started in Sep 2010 and is a Registered Charity No.:1147647. The Maha Kumbabishekam took place on 8th Dec 2013. 

Liverpool Ganesh Temple is a centre of Hindu faith, community, and culture. Our Hindu temple is dedicated to providing a welcoming space for all who seek spiritual enrichment and connection with others.
We offer a range of religious services, including traditional daily prayers, auspicious ceremonies, and festivals. 

Your contribution to the Liverpool Ganesh Temple goes a long way in supporting our efforts to provide religious services and support to the community, as well as maintain the temple facilities. To make a donation, simply click the link or contact us directly for more information. We appreciate your support!

We request devotees to call and visit the temple.(Priest might go outside to conduct House Poojas). Thanks for the understanding and your co-operation.

Devotees may contribute for Monthly Abishekams and pooja at £21 or register for Archana (£5/£10).

வேழமுகத்து விநாயகனைத் தொழ வாழ்வு மிகுந்துவரும்!

வெற்றி முகத்து விநாயகனைத் தொழ புத்தி மிகுந்துவரும்

வெள்ளைக்கொம்பன் விநாயகனைத்தொழ துள்ளியோடும் தொடர்ந்த வினைகளே!

அப்பமும் பழம் அமுதும் செய்தருளிய தொப்பையப்பனை தொழ வினையறுமே!


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